Our Products

Hiking Superfoods:

We make products which are nutritious, lightweight and which have a long shelf life from our dried fruits and nuts from the Sinai historical orchards. We designed every package to be suitable for the backpackers and to provide them with the energy and nutrients they require during the hiking trips.

Orchards Gifts:

We dry the organic fruits and nuts in the Sinai orchards using the old natural techniques that we've learnt from the old Bedouin women. With developing specialized sun dried racks to produce raw, healthy, delicious high quality fruits, without any added sugar or other preservatives. 

Bedouin Traditional Foods:

The Bedouin traditional cuisine has very interesting recipes depends on dried ingredients, to suits their life in the mountains, and today, Mountain Rose wanted to introduce their culture through a range of products available for the customers in Egypt and around the world.

Wild Medicinal Herbs:

Only in Saint Katherine Mountains there's 427 type of Medicinal plants and 19 endemic species, the Bedouin used it in their traditional medicine in different prescriptions and ways to take, at mountain rose we prefer to be away from uncertified herbal mixtures, but we offer some herbs which can be used solely as tea or spices, which has great medical effects according to the Bedouins.