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Founded 2017

We began our project in St Katherine: the heart of the Sinai High Mountain Region. We grew in these mountains, just like the fruit that is the basis of our trail superfoods.

What do we do? 

We use the organic produce from Bedouin orchards in the Sinai to create energy bars, trail mixes and other delicious trail foods, creating jobs for the local community and helping to keep the ancient traditions and livelihoods of the region alive.

Meet Our Founder


Zahra Magdi

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Zahra Magdi is the founder of Mountain Rose. She has lived her life in mountain regions from Yemen to the Sinai and is a graduate of Mansoura University with a degree in Botany and Chemistry. She manages Mountain Rose and works with a team from the Bedouin community in St Katherine today.

Why Sinai Orchards?

In the high mountains of the Sinai are around 500 orchards. Some of the orchards date back to Byzantine times. These orchards were very prosperous and the Bedouins sold surplus in the towns of Egypt, bringing other goods like wheat, tea and sugar in return. With the changing lifestyle and the trend of people to work in tourism, they neglected their orchards in recent years and many fell into a state of ruin. Many Bedouin are now consumers not producers like before, bringing fruits and vegetables from Delta and Suez Canal cities. The number of mountain orchards operating is around 40.

Reviving the Abandoned Orchards

Our Mission

We Bring Sinai Taste to the World!

We aim to help revive this ancient network of orchards and save the endangered cultural heritage of the high mountains of the Sinai. Mountain Rose is helping the orchards. We buy fruits and nuts from the owners of the orchards that are still active. We dry the produce and use it in producing our trail superfood. This orchard food is 100% natural and organic, highly nutritious, with a long shelf life, and has a unique taste. It is produced using old techniques and in buying this food consumers are encouraging the local community to keep their orchards alive.

Bedouin Tribes We Work With

We started our project with the Jebalaya, Awlad Said and Qararsha tribes. Then we explored other regions and communities in the far deserts in South Sinai. Mountain Rose is growing all the time. We believe that we all need to know more about the traditions and natural gifts of these remote communities. We mainly work with Bedouin Women who have the passion to learn and produce high quality products. 

Our Present

We became within three years the official supplier of hiking superfoods to three hiking organizations in Egypt; the Sinai Trail and the Red Sea Mountains Trail, the first trails for long distance hiking in Egypt, and also to the Three Peaks Egypt Challenge. We have the support of the local community and Egyptian government. 

Our dream is very big and we are in its first steps! We hope through our project to tell people about the mountain orchards and contribute in their revival and we also want to tell people about the Bedouin culture of South Sinai, and to deliver the taste of their wonderful mountain products to all parts of the world.

Our Future Dreams

100% Natural Products

Our Products

In addition to our hiking superfood we sell a wide range of natural products including wild herbs, jams and pastes. Also we sell handmade embroidered bags and accessories for  Bedouin women.



The GEF prize

'People and protected area systems and parks'

Inspiring change

for a short documentary film about role of Bedouin women in protection of medicinal plants tradition


WoEgypt Heroes 2020

Zahra Magdi was honoured

 by Women of Egypt Magazine as one of WoEgypt Heroes 2020

for changing her life and other lives in the South Sinai region.